12.10.08 “BasketBrawl”



16 Responses to “12.10.08 “BasketBrawl””

  1. cat Says:

    someone grew some more manboobs…

  2. spark Says:

    that was great!!!

  3. David Says:


  4. mike Says:

    i’m having flashbacks of mini olympics…

  5. Matt Says:

    hahahaha…not bad ivan, but come on! we all know you can’t jump that high (first panel)! 😛 haha

  6. ring Says:

    i agree with matt. i mean, you’d never come close to blocking me. i love the shot with tobs crying though. haha.

  7. Val Yu Says:

    I’m having flashbacks of my first bball game with ivan..

  8. Tobias Says:

    ivan drew me crying cause he’s trying to get back at me for breaking his glasses. The time when i pounded the ball in his face in real life.

  9. jaz Says:

    one word: epic

  10. Spencer Says:

    I almost thought you were going to turn Super Saiyan in the 5th panel but I got disappointed

  11. marky mark Says:

    ridiculous. ricky does not play defense. this shouldve been a perfect cameo for me, dk, jloh, and mike. for shame. two thumbs way down.

  12. Elvin Says:

    Very nice.

  13. cat Says:

    i agree with mark…4 angry bball players…

  14. kyu Says:

    another great one ivan.

  15. mwu Says:

    Oh heck no, Val….. HAHAHAHAHAHA that is classic. I never want to forget that moment.

  16. christine Says:

    HAHA. i recognize those shoes. ^_^

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