12.23.08 “Merry Christmas”



3 Responses to “12.23.08 “Merry Christmas””

  1. thechanster Says:

    Ivan biu gaw. When we saw this post this was our conversation:

    OnOn: I don’t get it… Is this Aladdin?
    MuiMui: No! It’s the three wise men! (duh!)
    OnOn: Uhh… Wait… But why are they wearing turbans?
    OnOn: REALLY?!?!?!
    Mommy: (not listening to previous conversation) Hmm… Deem guy gaw gong touuu tzui mo dai “turban” geh?
    OnOn: Uhh…
    Mommy: Deem guy gaw gong touuu tzui see see dough yauuu leung gaw heuun haaaii gaw tauu dough geh?
    OnOn: reflection…?
    Daddy: But it’s in the same spot every single time and the location of a reflection is always dependent on the location of the source of light!
    OnOn: But it’s a comic!
    Daddy: Well…
    Mommy: It’s a scar!!!
    OnOn: Uhh…
    Mommy: Let’s just ask tzui tzui.
    OnOn: Oh. Okay.

  2. kyu Says:

    merry belated christmas!

  3. katie Says:

    merry belated christmas, ivan!
    thanks for the card.
    love the site…

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